4 Ways To Get Free Bitcoins

bitcoins-900x450Thought that the only way to get Bitcoin was to buy them or be lucky enough to win them at a casino online? Think again. There are loads of ways out there to earn Bitcoins, although don’t expect to earn a fortune overnight. Some of them pay very little, but if you’ve got time to spare such as those boring Tube commutes or lunch breaks at work, then it’s worth giving them a go and seeing how much you can earn.

The Blockchain Game


The Blockchain game appeared on the Android app store last year, and while it is quite entertaining there are plenty of ads on there that you can’t avoid (although the ads are paying for the Bitcoins in the first place). The game is simple, stack up the blocks in the blockchain and the longer the chain, the bigger the reward. Easy, right?


Paid to Click Websites


There are lots of sites out there that offer you money to click on adverts or web links, but a few actually offer payment using Bitcoin. These sites often offer a sliding scale of payments based on the length of the ad, but don’t expect to get rich quickly with this. Most offer around 75 Satoshi per click, meaning you’ll be waiting an awfully long time to earn one whole Bitcoin!


Free Bitcoin Fountain At MegaDice


There has been a lot written about MegaDice, one of the original Bitcoin dice games available on the internet. But what you may not realise is it has a ‘fountain’ which offers up to 200 free bitcoins to members of its site every 60 seconds. You don’t need to do anything to win the Bitcoin, just register on the site and hope you strike it lucky.


Write About Bitcoin


If you think you’ve got an in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin and would like to educate others about them, how about contacting one of the many blogs and news sites out there with a pitching article and see if you’re successful. It’s difficult to say how much you’ll earn doing this, as the rate will vary from site to site, but it’s not unreasonable to earn around £20 an hour on average.


Don’t forget to do your research when it comes to earning Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin related sites are new, so find out information about them online if you can before adding any contact details or wallet information to the sites.