6 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

earn-bitcoin-2016Bitcoin is a form of online currency, also known as a cryptocurrency not linked to any sovereign state, or decentralized.  It is completely electronic, it cannot be printed but holds significant power nonetheless. The global number of merchants accepting Bitcoin as payment is continually increasing. In this article, we will illustrate six ways in which Bitcoin may be earned.

  1. Get a job

You may consider being employed and receiving part or all of your remuneration in Bitcoin. Careers such as freelancers, writers and software developers (to name a few) support this endeavour.

  1. Sell your stuff or your services

Do you have items around the house you need to get rid of? You could choose to sell it online and accept Bitcoin as payment. Alternatively, you could provide a service and receive Bitcoin as remuneration.

  1. Casino

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, online gambling has never been easier or more accessible. There is no need to worry about whether your credit or debit card details may be hacked or stolen. Now you can bet away with your privacy and security intact. Once you have registered with your preferred casino, merely transfer Bitcoin from your Bitcoin e-wallet to that casino’s address. Once it has been confirmed, you are ready to roll the dice and gamble at a bitcoin casino.

  1. Referrals

A number of sites will reward you in Bitcoin should you successfully refer clients to their business.

  1. Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin has a public ledger showing all global interactions using Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is basically the addition of transactions to this ledger. If you use your computer to record transactions into the blockchain (as the public ledger is known) or to verify these transactions you will be rewarded with a ‘transaction fee’ which are in Bitcoin. The hardware required for such a task can be quite costly, which may minimise your earning potential.

  1. Faucets

Some sites will offer you free bitcoin for completing certain tasks. It may be as simple as remaining on the site for a certain amount of time or completing a questionnaire or even playing a game. Little to almost no work for a free currency.

In conclusion, there may be a number of ways to earn Bitcoin. Be wary of scams and con artists who offer get-rich-quick schemes – do the research! It seems though, that Bitcoin is the way of the future, so cash in soon.