FortuneJack Casino Review

fortunejack-5561d4d27528f7d67f8b4567FortuneJack Casino is one of the top online casinos that accepts different cryptocurrencies as methods of payment. The site has an excellent reputation and is very popular with players for a whole multitude of reasons; it’s a great site if you’re looking to earn some extra Bitcoins, it’s got a fantastic user interface that is very simple to navigate around, and the graphics used on the site are of a very high quality which helps contribute to an enjoyable gambling session.

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Loki Casino Review

loki casinoLoki Casino is a very up to date, flashy online casino, available primarily to players in the USA, but unfortunately not to players in the UK or in Spain. With the variety of games on the site being powered by several well-renowned gaming names, such as NetEnt, BetSoft, and Microgaming, you can tell from the get-go that the casino is of the highest quality.

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Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Bitcoin Casino

BitcoinThe Freedom of Bitcoin

When considering an online casino that accepts Bitcoin, there are two options available. The first are casinos that accept Bitcoin as one of a multitude of methods of payment. The other casino type exclusively accepts Bitcoin and no other payment methods. So is one type of casino better than the other? Well, generally no. Although it is important to note that some players prefer a Bitcoin casino that offers other payment options too, as this tends to give a little more reassurance to players who are worried about safe transactions online. Bitcoin is, of course, a digital currency and involves no bank or financial institutions input to transfer transactions. This also means that there is no backing by a bank should your money be snatched by hackers or unscrupulous casinos. If you’re not comfortable with gambling with bitcoin, you might be better off checking out Mr. Green and his online casino.

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Satoshicircle Offers Trustworthy Online Gaming

satThere’s always a lot of temptation for a casino to cheat its players. While it is well known that the house will ultimately win out in gambling, a greedy owner can make that happen a lot more quickly by tweaking the games in a way that makes the players a little more likely to lose, just not by so much that it’s obvious that something is wrong. This is why most casinos in the real world are strictly regulated and monitored to ensure that they’re treating people fairly. If you want that same experience in your online gambling, you should try Satoshi circle.
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Ball2win Casino Review

2winAre you one of the people who enjoy trying their luck on slots? If you are, then you should know that there is a relatively new online casino that you are going to love: Ball2win. Even though this site is known as a sportsbook, it also puts some great online casino games at the disposal of its visitors. In fact, Ball2win offers games that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, so this is more than enough of a reason for online casino lovers to check it out.
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playtinlogoI am very happy that there is a bitcoin casino that I can play whenever I am in the mood for some excitement. The casino I am talking about is called Playtin and if you visit the gaming site, you will see that all it takes is a few minutes to create a profile and get started. You can also choose the “quick start” option, in case you are very impatient, and you will be playing your favorite casino games within moments.
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BC-Casino Review

image_bcIt doesn't surprise me when people start saying that everyone will be using bitcoins in the future. I put my faith in this virtual currency several months ago and to be honest, I think that it will all pay off in the long run. So anyway, I love the fact that there are online casinos that let people play with bitcoins.
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Strikesapphire Casino Review

StrikeIf you are the type of online casino lover who plays with Bitcoin, you should know that StrikeSapphire is a decent choice. Even though this online casino is not a major casino yet, it is definitely going towards that direction. Of course, it needs to work on the software in order to hit the major league, as the multitabling is difficult, but it seems that the managers are considering certain changes and improvements. However, there is a type of multitabling that works: poker and other games. This means that you can choose to play poker and when the game is too slow, you can open a new game.
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