FortuneJack Casino Review

fortunejack-5561d4d27528f7d67f8b4567FortuneJack Casino is one of the top online casinos that accepts different cryptocurrencies as methods of payment. The site has an excellent reputation and is very popular with players for a whole multitude of reasons; it’s a great site if you’re looking to earn some extra Bitcoins, it’s got a fantastic user interface that is very simple to navigate around, and the graphics used on the site are of a very high quality which helps contribute to an enjoyable gambling session.

One of the best features about the online casino is that there are no restrictions to it in terms of who can access the site. Usually, online casinos have at least one country where they’re unable to sign players up from. However, FortuneJack Casino doesn’t ask players to share the information about where they’re from or where they’re living, which means that the casino is accessible to everyone of a legal age across the globe.


There’s an excellent mix of games available on the casino, including both virtual games and live games too. The virtual games include some of the most popular online casino games, including wide ranges of dice games, poker games, table games and a whole lot more. The live casino is just as exciting, allowing players the chance to choose from games such as Texas Poker, Caribbean Poker, Roulette, Dragon Tiger and also some live Sic Bo games. FortuneJack Casino is one of the few online casinos in the entire world who actually offers live Sic Bo, and so this is an appealing feature to new players who might be interested in the game.


The casino is actually a very secure site due to the fact that they deal in Bitcoin. Because of the way Bitcoin works, players do not need to enter any personal details, like their address or their bank details. All they have to do is link their e-wallet that stores their Bitcoins to their account with the site, and they can begin making money! Because of this, the level of security on the site is very high. Furthermore, because of the use of Bitcoin, there is, to an extent, a level of anonymity for players as they don’t need to enter any personal details about themselves the way they would need to on an online casino that didn’t accept Bitcoin.


The only downside to this brilliant online casino is that it doesn’t take ordinary money; it only accepts cryptocurrency. While this is ideal for those looking to play with Bitcoin, at this stage in time, it does currently exclude a huge audience of people from what is, ultimately, one of the top online casinos there is.