Incredible Companies That Let You Pay in Bitcoin

Companies accept bitcoinBitcoin has been around for almost a decade now, and yet still there are more companies choosing not to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment than there are companies who do. However, among the few places that do recognize the cryptocurrency, there are some pretty cool places to shop! Here are some of the most incredible companies that let you pay in Bitcoin.


That’s right, one of the biggest PC and gaming businesses in the entire world has begun accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. Unfortunately, you can’t pay for expensive goods such as laptops and gaming consoles with Bitcoin. Instead, you can purchase games and add-on content, etc., for Windows and for Xbox too.

If you want to book an affordable holiday and are looking to use up some Bitcoins, is the perfect site for you; they’re a travel agency who accept payment for flights and hotels in Bitcoins! Better still, they offer some pretty good deals that won’t break the bank, so you should be able to find something amazing for not a lot of money!



Yes, it’s true! The best foot long subs you’ll ever taste can be found in Subway and, better still, they allow customers to pay for their subs using Bitcoins! Now it’s quicker and easier than ever before to get yourself a tasty snack from one of the most delicious joints around.



Bitcoins are predominantly used in the gaming and online casino industry, and so it only makes sense that Zynga, a very large mobile gaming company, allow their customers to purchase games from them using Bitcoin as their method of payment.



A multinational computer company, Dell is very similar to Microsoft in regards to the fact that you can’t purchase big items, such as laptops, using Bitcoins, but you can purchase ‘content’ from them, such as online packages that you download to your computer or PC.



If it’s a hot date you’re after, head to OKCupid, set up your profile and wait for a match to come your way! ¬†OKCupid is currently the only dating site around that allows its members to sign up and make an account that they can pay for using Bitcoins!