What Charities Accept Bitcoin?

Charities accept bitcoinAs the popularity of Bitcoin is on the rise, more and more companies and industries are starting to accept it as a form of payment…or donation in the case of charities. You may be surprised to learn that there are an impressively large number of charities that accept Bitcoin, and why shouldn’t they?

In this busy day and age, online transactions are becoming increasingly popular and Bitcoin makes transferring funds online just that much easier. The anonymity of sending and receiving Bitcoin makes it the perfect currency for donating to charity, especially when donating to friends and family’s charities while wishing to keep your identity as a donor anonymous. Bitcoin transactions do not reveal the sender’s identity, only their Bitcoin wallet ID. As well as charities, there is also a growing number of crowdfunding projects that too can be sponsored or endorsed by Bitcoin.

No matter where your heart lies you should be able to donate funds in the form of Bitcoin to any type of charity, whether it is for the good of animals, the environment, children or research. There are loads of charities that accept Bitcoin. Below is a list of just a few of them, all of which have been verified and are legitimate.

  •    The Water Project
  •    Omni Nano
  •    Seans Outpost
  •    Save The Children
  •    Songs of Love
  •    Free Software Foundation
  •    Watsi
  •    Tor Project
  •    AntiWar
  •    Tuna Panda
  •    Chicago Wish Foundation
  •    Run 2 Rescue
  •    Human Rights Foundation
  •    Sea Shepherd

It is advisable to check the legitimacy of the project you are wishing to donate to, as always with these types of things, there are scams going around and it is best to donate to a well-established project or NGO that can be held accountable for their monetary spending.

As more and more people trade in Bitcoin, charities have endless possibilities on how they can spend and trade their Bitcoin donations. They definitely do not need to trade Bitcoin for real world currency in order to buy the items or services required to enhance their project as there are so many companies these days, offering hundreds of goods and services, that would fit charities’ needs.